Palace IFC Movie Theater

I saw Dr. Strange at Palace IFC on Saturday night and it was a fairly pleasant experience. The last time I’d seen a movie there was several years ago. There used to be an artsy kind of lounge right at the mall entrance, complete with a selection of art house DVDs for sale. Post-renovations, the mall lobby is basically gone. All that remains is a humble ticket booth featuring a traditional human cashier and a couple of Internet-purchased ticket dispensers.

Dr. Strange was showing in 3D for the time I wanted to see it. Usually I don’t care much for 3D but I was already there so I bit the bullet and got the 3D ticket. That meant paying an extra HK$10 for the glasses. I already had a pair at home, which I had previously sworn I’d keep in my bag for just such an occasion. Somehow that pair ended up in my desk drawer. When selecting a seat, you can choose between non-vibrating or vibrating. I chose vibrating.

At the entrance from the mall, there’s someone in front of an escalator leading to the theaters to tear the tickets. I handed my ticket to the guy, got my stub and proceeded to the concessions area. This is the area that’s been changed quite a bit. They now serve beer or cocktails and even have a bar for those who have time to kill.

The movie was enjoyable and the seats were sufficiently comfortable but nothing special. One more thing: when paying, make sure you ask the cashier if they have any special promotions going with any credit cards. For example, I paid with Amex and got a 10% discount. Cheers!


Beertopia 2016

Yesterday I went to Beertopia, an annual craft beer festival that is held in Hong Kong. This is the 5th time it’s been held and it seems to grow and attract more people with each successive year. It’s really great to see as Hong Kong hadn’t had a great craft beer scene until just recently.

The event is held at a very accessible, convenient location, just a short walk from the Central Ferry Piers and IFC Mall. There is a wide range of travel options to get to the waterfront area by public transit. I took the MTR to Central Station and then walked underground to Hong Kong Station. From there, I went up to IFC Mall and the waterfront was a short 5 minute walk outside. Just go to the Hong Kong Observation Wheel and keep walking a bit more from there.

The grounds were pretty spacious and there was a wide selection of craft beer vendors. To purchase a beer, you had to use a ticket. For example, a half pint might cost 2 or 3 tickets. It depended on the vendor. Depending on the price you paid to enter the grounds, you could be given tickets along with your wrist band (I started with 10 tickets), or you’d have to purchase tickets at the ticket booth. The beer vendors didn’t accept cash but the food vendors did.

I walked around, enjoying the atmosphere, sampled a few different beers and tried some french fries and chicken. It was overall a pretty enjoyable time. Later on I went back to IFC Mall to catch a movie before heading home. Hong Kong has something for everyone!