Cryotherapy in Hong Kong

Way back in early March of this year I partially tore something in my left thigh playing soccer. The recovery had been taking a long time so I decided to try cryotherapy in August. I made the trek out to Causeway Bay to try the only facility in Hong Kong that I know of which offers cryotherapy, Polaris Wellness

Polaris Wellness is located on the 10th floor of Lee Theatre in Causeway Bay. The facilities are comfortable and the staff is friendly and professional. When I went in August, they were offering an introductory 2 sessions for a total of $900. After that, there would be a wide variety of packages or membership plans you could choose from. The options seemed quite flexible.

First, I had a chat with the administrative staff and then the technician. He needed to assess what I was hoping to get out of the treatment. I was hoping to stimulate collagen production in my joints. I had heard that it’s a possibility and that would help with my thigh injury and also a wonky left knee that’s been bothering me off and on. After some chatting, I got a little tour of the facilities and then began my first introductory treatment.

They’ve got two main treatments. One is for whole body therapy, where you get treated with super cold gas all over your body while you stand inside some sort of pod, and the other treatment involves much more focused treatment, where just a certain area of your body is treated. I assumed that’s more of a facial kind of treatment meant to improve your skin complexion.

I was there for the whole body treatment so I was led to a changing room where I had to strip down, put on some disposable undies, apply stickers (for protection?) to my nipples, put on some comfy socks and a cozy robe.

After letting the technician know that I was finished, I was led into the treatment room. Once there, he told me to put on some boots and gloves and then I was led into the booth. Coming from Manitoba, I was used to sub zero temperatures well below -30 so when I first got in, it wasn’t a big deal. The initial temperature was only -20. But over the next couple minutes, it gradually got down to -105. It stayed there until 3 minutes had passed and I was honestly relieved when it was done. I felt great after warming up and the second session a week later was much the same with the only difference being that I got to -120 by the end of the 3 minutes.

I’m still considering trying to carve out some time once or twice in my week to make the trip to Causeway Bay and do a 10 session package. It feels wonderful and if it helps rejuvenate my joints a bit, I’d consider it well worth the time and money.


Ice Fishing at Southern Shore of Lake Winnipeg

I’m visiting family in Manitoba and despite it being officially spring now, Lake Winnipeg is still completely iced over so I went with my brother and a friend to do some ice fishing on Good Friday. We left home at quarter to 6 in the morning in the dark of night and found that there had been a fresh snowfall while we’d slept. Though we had predicted a nice, mild spring day of ice fishing, it turned out being bitter cold, with the thermometer showing -10 Celsius and the windchill on the lake making it feel like -20.

Upon arrival to the dock at Balsam Bay, parking the truck proved to be a challenge. With the new snowfall, it was hard to see where the shoulder ended and the ditch began. We pull over a bit too much into the ditch and my brother had to call a tow truck to get it unstuck. While that was an unfortunate start to the day, we shook it off and got on with ice fishing.

Initially, our friend and I set out alone while my brother waited by his truck for the tow truck driver. We loaded up our sleds with supplies and gear, attached them to the back of a 4-wheel ATV, and set off onto the lake to start fishing. We didn’t go too far and we didn’t setup a tent yet since we planned to go much further out onto the lake once my brother could join us so we just drilled some holes in the ice with an auger and started fishing.

After my brother finished with getting his truck unstuck and rejoined us, we packed up and went a few more kilometers onto the ice, drilled 6 holes and setup our tent. Out on the ice, far away from shore, the windchill was harsh. The tent made a remarkable difference in cutting down on the windchill factor.

We sat there for a couple hours, chatting, fishing and munching on snacks. The fish weren’t biting. We picked up and moved another couple of kilometers onto the ice and tried again.

We fished at the new spot for a couple more hours but in the end, it seemed like the fish just weren’t that active at that part of the lake (Lake Winnipeg is VERY big) so we called it a day, packed up and went home. Despite not catching any fish, it was still a cool experience both literally and figuratively and I hope to do it again sometime.

Whenever I go fishing, I try not to expect to catch anything. If I do, that’s great but if I don’t, it’s no big deal. For me, it’s all about the experience.