Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

People love to go to the promenade next to Tsim Sha Tsui Pier. From there, on a clear day you can get a beautiful view of Hong Kong Island. When I’m in the area, if I have time to kill, I love to go there to watch the tourists. Most people there simply take a photo of the skyline but I like photographing the people checking out the skyline! 🙂


2017 – MSIG Sai Kung 50

On February 18, 2017 I ran the 2017 edition of the MSIG Sai Kung 50. No, I didn’t actually run 50 kilometres, in the countryside, up and down mountains. Maybe someday I will, but not that day. I ran the shorter, 21km route, in the countryside, up and down mountains. This run started super early in the morning. The run was to start at 7:00AM, so I got to Pak Tam Chung Picnic Garden at around 6:00AM. I had plenty of time to mill around, hydrate, warm up, and hand in my things to the friendly baggage collection folks for safe storage.

We got off to a great start at 7 in the morning but it wasn’t too long before we all behaved like lemmings and followed someone in the front who went off the path by accident. There was a hilarious few minutes of all of us trying to reverse direction on a perilously narrow village path.

Once back on course, we all began to spread apart a lot more as we all settled into our own personal grooves. Along the way was some great scenery as well as… a cow.

From then on, it was a mighty hard slog up some steep inclines. We eventually got to a beach village where refreshment stands were setup. Words can’t properly express how much I appreciated water and Nutella sandwiches.

From there, I had a nice little walk along the beach as I munched on my sandwich and drank the water. An important sidenote concerning the water: as I took the bottle from the refreshment stand and started to walk away, the lady at the stand reminded me not to just carelessly leave it somewhere. I assured her I wouldn’t. I didn’t. Once emptied, I crushed it and carried the dang thing up and down mountains until I finally saw the next rubbish bin.

So anyway, that nice walk along the beach was the last easygoing part of the run. From then on, I had a brutal, never ending walk up a mountain that seemed to never end. I swear, several times I just wanted to lay down and sleep. That was a real desire. This is the reason why I encourage people to get into endurance sports though. You get into a mental kind of headspace that is not really easy to get into in other situations. You end up LEARNING more about yourself. I finally did get to the top of that brutal incline and took a couple of nice pictures.

Now a little warning: when you’re completely knackered and sitting on the ground to catch your breath, DO NOT quickly stand up without your sunglasses on if there’s a clear blue sky. It was the strangest thing. It was like there was a little gremlin inside my skull, pinching the rear of both my eyeballs. I wasn’t having any of that so I sat back down for another minute until the weird little mini-migraine went away. Then I put my sunglasses back on, SLOWLY stood up again, and started the descent down the mountain.

Later on, we got off the mountain trail and spent a great deal of time running on pavement. At one point, there were some reinforced embankments that people had scratched various country names into. I made my own contribution.

All in all, I had great time despite finishing with an atrocious run time! Ha ha. I’d like to extend a big congratulations to the event organizers. They put on a great race overall – which even featured great post-race refreshments!

Beautiful Sunset in Mong Kok

This is pretty much just a little photo story. I was walking somewhere in Mong Kok last night, coming down from East Mong Kok MTR Station towards Argyle Street when I noticed a little line of photographers on the pedestrian bridge that I had just entered onto. I looked in the direction of the sunset and saw that the sun was setting right over Argyle Street, between a bunch of skyscrapers. The sun was almost perfectly positioned and it was casting beautiful rays of sunshine towards us.

Always keep your eyes open. You’ll never know when there’s something ridiculously beautiful to see.