Palace IFC Movie Theater

I saw Dr. Strange at Palace IFC on Saturday night and it was a fairly pleasant experience. The last time I’d seen a movie there was several years ago. There used to be an artsy kind of lounge right at the mall entrance, complete with a selection of art house DVDs for sale. Post-renovations, the mall lobby is basically gone. All that remains is a humble ticket booth featuring a traditional human cashier and a couple of Internet-purchased ticket dispensers.

Dr. Strange was showing in 3D for the time I wanted to see it. Usually I don’t care much for 3D but I was already there so I bit the bullet and got the 3D ticket. That meant paying an extra HK$10 for the glasses. I already had a pair at home, which I had previously sworn I’d keep in my bag for just such an occasion. Somehow that pair ended up in my desk drawer. When selecting a seat, you can choose between non-vibrating or vibrating. I chose vibrating.

At the entrance from the mall, there’s someone in front of an escalator leading to the theaters to tear the tickets. I handed my ticket to the guy, got my stub and proceeded to the concessions area. This is the area that’s been changed quite a bit. They now serve beer or cocktails and even have a bar for those who have time to kill.

The movie was enjoyable and the seats were sufficiently comfortable but nothing special. One more thing: when paying, make sure you ask the cashier if they have any special promotions going with any credit cards. For example, I paid with Amex and got a 10% discount. Cheers!