Day 8 of South Korea Trip 2016

In the morning, we had a delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel and went to Kukkiwon in the afternoon to buy some more taekwondo gear and merchandise at one of the nearby shops. One of the popular brands for taekwondo stuff is Mooto so we went to the Mooto shop to buy some equipment and t-shirts. The quality is comparable to Adidas and sometimes the design is nice.

After that, we went to Majang Meat Market for some more amazing beef barbecue.

Our day wasn’t yet over. It was time to go to shopping in Dongdaemun. It’s another great shopping area, featuring a street market as well as several department stores – all within walking distance of each other. My wife was happy to find some nice clothes and other things for herself and also her friends and family back home. It was quite a productive shopping excursion but at the end of it all, we had our appetites back so we went to Chicken Kyochon. There is a branch in Dongdaemun on 50-3 Cheongnyangri-dong. South Korea has developed a reputation for having some of the best fried chicken in the world. That’s no joke. Anyway, the chicken there was very crispy and full of flavour and the craft beer was pretty good too! We ended the night with full stomachs! 🙂


Poutine, Beer, Drizzle and Hopsin in Downtown Winnipeg

I’m in Winnipeg right now visiting family and last night my brother and I went to a rap concert at the Garrick Centre in downtown Winnipeg. We arrived in downtown pretty early so we had time to wonder around and look at shops and stuff. Winnipeg changes slowly and has a lot of buildings that have been standing for many decades. If you’re into urban architecture, you might like this area. On the other hand, Winnipeg has been struggling to rejuvenate the downtown area in terms of increasing foot traffic. Most people tend to drive THROUGH downtown but don’t often stop there to window shop or dine. It’s too bad because there are some great restaurants, galleries, and other interesting things in the area.

First we came across this really cool parkade. It almost looks out of place in an urban centre as it looks more like an industrial warehouse. Winnipeg used to have a lot of industrial buildings in the downtown area and many of them were simply converted into other uses rather than be torn down for something newer and shinier. Many see it as a charming quality of this city.

We found this cool art gallery called Fleet Galleries. What was neat about this place was that it was all really open and nobody seemed to care if you walked to the back room where the work studio was. There were a lot of cool pieces in this gallery so I posted a collage of a few of the areas that interested me.

We still had time to kill after walking around a bit so had had some beer and snack food at King’s Head Pub. This is a great place where a wide variety of people gather for a casual atmosphere of beer, snacks and billiards. I had a Fort Garry Dark Ale and some poutine.

After eating, we walked in the drizzling rain over to the Garrick Centre and had to wait in line for about half an hour to get in. They had some kind of arcane system where if you had bought a ticket online, there was no handy code on the phone they could simply scan to let you in. This place had a multipage printout of all the people who had bought tickets online. You had to show them the credit card you used to buy the ticket and then they’d find your name on the list. Once inside, the opening act was already underway but that’s okay because they weren’t really our cup of tea. I won’t even mention the name.

Next was a rapper named Token. His flow is a bit similar to Eminem at times but he needs to work on enunciating better. I enjoyed some of his stuff and I think he’s got potential to be much better in the future. I think lyrically, he could work on nuance and subtlety. Hopsin was the main event and he was lyrically the strongest. He was also very comfortable with the crowd and is clearly a seasoned professional. If he comes to your city and you like rap, be sure to check out his concert.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone! 🙂

Changing the Battery Pack of a Mid 2011 MacBook Air

I recently got a new 13 inch, i5 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar but I’ll touch on that in greater detail in a separate post. My old MacBook Air was feeling quite sluggish and also the battery couldn’t hold much of a charge anymore so on a recent Saturday, I went over to Golden Computer Center in Sham Shui Po and found a shop that still sells battery packs for the 2011 MacBook Air. If you don’t live in Hong Kong or some other similar urban center that features large computer malls where you can find a wide variety of computer parts, you may have to order a battery on eBay or something similar. Just make sure you’re absolutely sure you get the correct battery for your particular MacBook Air. There have been a few revisions of this computer through the years and I’m not sure if they all use the exact same battery pack.

Once I got home with my loot, I set the Air down on my bench upside down and used one of the two different sized special screw drivers that were conveniently supplied with the new battery pack to unscrew the aluminum panel. I then pried it off. It’s a bit tricky and requires the right combination of finesse and force. Don’t worry about breaking anything. These parts are quite tough.

Next, I disconnected the battery pack’s connecting cable and then carefully lifted the pack out of the computer.

 Then I used the other screwdriver and removed the screws holding the battery pack fastened to the computer’s chassis.  Make sure to handle it with care as it’s quite thin and feels a bit flimsy.

I put the new battery back into the computer, put all the screws in and connected the power cord. Finally, I put the aluminum chassis cover back on and put in all the screws.

That’s it! It was really quite easy! Now I’m back to about 6 hours of battery life under fairly reasonable use. By that, I mean internet browsing, watching YouTube videos, and using Office applications.

I highly recommend this upgrade if your MacBook Air has been showing signs of age and the battery dies too quickly. A battery replacement combined with a fresh OS reinstall and thorough cleaning inside the chassis will make it feel almost like new again. It’s really quite remarkable how well it runs after 6 years if you keep it maintained.

If you’re wondering about how to do a fresh install of MacOS X, you can follow these steps. DO NOT OVERLOOK the first step: backup your data. Then follow all the other steps and it should be really easy. Get it all done and you’ll find that it will have been well worth the time and effort. 🙂