Infrastructure – Fanling Highway

Infrastructure is one of my interests. I’m fascinated by structures that keep people moving and things working. I appreciate how vital it all is to our modern society.

Hong Kong may seem like an overly developed, overcrowded dystopian metropolis to a lot of people. It certainly looks that way at first glance. Please rest assured though that much of Hong Kong is actually countryside land and furthermore, the urbanized areas where people live and work are loosely connected by railways and freeways. Some of those freeways were built long ago. Sometimes they are merely narrow highways and inadequate for the task of getting a massive amount of people from home to work in the morning and vice versa in the evening.

In the past few years, I’ve been observing some exciting construction going on at Fanling Highway in the central New Territories. Officially, it’s known as the  Tolo and Fanling Highways Widening Project. They’ve substantially widened the major arteries and are also in the process of adding more onramps and offramps. Progress is beautiful!

You may have noticed how remarkable the construction method is for some of these elevated freeway sections. It almost seems magical how some of those t-sections can just remain suspended in midair without being pulled down by the force of gravity into a terrible mess. This highway is part of one of my regular running routes and every single time I see these massive things, I’m in awe of it all. It’s just incredible.


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