Canadian Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

Being Canadian, I celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. I live in Hong Kong, so not many here celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.  There are plenty of restaurants that serve special meals around the time of American Thanksgiving but there’s only one or two Canadian organizations that organize a luncheon or something on Sunday afternoon.

I had been meaning to find a place that sells turkeys so I could actually roast a turkey at home this time around but I didn’t get around to it. Oh wells… In the end, my wife and I went to the food court at Tai Po Hui Market to enjoy some deliciously succulent and juicy pigeon. We had some other dishes but the pigeon was truly the highlight of the meal.


A wide range of local dishes can be found here at reasonable prices.


Squabs are domestic pigeons that are raised to be slaughtered after a month and served as a culinary dish.

Here’s the business card of the place but my mom-in-law says we should call 秀姐 (Sau Jeh) at 93066829 for booking and to reserve the special dishes. They may be too busy to answer the land line. Last call from the kitchen is 11pm.



Shop 35, 2/F, Tai Po Market Complex, Heung Sze Wui Street, Tai Po (Tai Po Market MTR, Exit A1)


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